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Floorball & Hockey Training Equipment for Schools

Floorball is the evolution of School Gym Hockey. Lighter sticks,lightweight ball, modern rules challenge all players and provide playing opportunities for everyone. of all abilities

Floorball+ has a school equipment supply portal and we help schools get started with fun and inclusive mentorship programs for PE class. Floor Hockey has taken a lot of heat in recent years and has been phased out of many school curriculums. Let's bring it back, let's make it more safe and more inclusive!

Floorball sticks are more gym friendly than the old school plastic floor hockey sticks, and the lighter sticks and ball make Floorball a great activity for girls and boys and athletes of all abilities.

Floorball+ has teamed up with quality organizations like Canada Sport for Life, BC Hockey and the Vancouver Canucks to deliver Floorball programs that are ideal for schools!